One of the places Jon took me to during his stay was Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn. A hip little cafe’ on Berry St. in Williamsburg, this cafe roasts it’s own coffee and makes sure to sell it to customers within just 48 hours so that we can enjoy it at the height of it’s flavor.  You can even watch the workers in the back while you order brewing away. 

Check out this fabulous summary from their website: 

"Improbably and delightfully, there are several dozen of us now. We roast coffee on vintage gear, put it in compostable bags, and still get it to our customers within 48 hours. We roast great coffee on two coasts, we make great drinks, we clean up after ourselves, we bake cookies, we type up invoices, we get change at the bank, we say please and thank you. We offer the elderly and pregnant our seats on the bus and brush and floss daily. We look forward to seeing you soon."

And, guess what, it was Jon’s fifth cup of coffee EVER! Now that’s a special day.